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A New Era of Business Renewal and Progress

iBusiness DNA builds on the work done in the iBrandDNA process. Here broader business change is implemented under the guidance of a qualified and experienced business and technology coach.

We identify the points where improvements and change are most needed and, using the thought-flows and mapping created in the facilitation, embark on a course introducing mechanisms to deliver the desired results.

Teaching skills is easy. But to change attitudes, beliefs and commitments requires a process of renewal of thinking and being.


iBusinessDNA kicks off with an initial consultation to assess areas of concern, potential blind spots, probable resistance and inefficiencies in structure.

Key personnel requiring first attention and involvement are identified and enrolled, flow and structure worked out and first sessions arranged.

Initial sessions are one-on-one and may convert to some group sessions once people have been aligned with the goals.


Team Functioning

A team only functions when its components are working optimally without friction.

Internal & External Engagement

Working together towards an aligned purpose enhances the company and team interaction within the world.

Team Cohesion, Relations & Buy-in

Teams are only as good as their inter-relational trust, support and license to be.

Personalised & Customised

Coaching is customised for every organisation based on its needs, desired outcomes and problem areas.

Organisational Culture

The culture of any organisation comes from within the hearts and minds of its people, change happens in the same place.

Enhanced Productivity

Coaching adjusts teams from within, removes politics and improves productivity.

The case for coaching

Renowned American surgeon Atul Gawande perfectly summarises the case for coaching in this TED Talk.

Our coaches are not just skilled observers, but also trained to apply the correct models, methods and tools in any specific case to produce results, change and improvement for individuals and the organisation.

Coaching offers correction through insight and vision: Vision of foresight and vision of clarity.

Proactively Challenge Stagnation

The fear of change is seated in the reptilian brain, eliciting a routine response of “this is bad and dangerous and I will lose control.”

Coaching is about change, but change that brings rejuvenation, improves circumstances and excites and inspires minds.

Are you ready for change?

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