Integral BrandDNA

A process unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.


iBDNA is a guided collaborative process to discover brand & business positioning, chart a marketing path & create a content road-map.  We unfold the DNA of your business, and give you practical tools that enable you to implement a new marketing and growth trajectory. One small course correction over time produces great future change. Get on board. Share the journey.


The process begins with a facilitated workshop that allows the story of your business to unfold. What is the primary message or “story” that your business is telling?  That story is told through its components of language, tone, imagery, target demographic, and online services. The integral BrandDNA™ report consolidates this process into a single reference document.


With your newfound insights and strategic focus, our team of specialists are ready to support you on your journey towards doing better business. 

We enable you to easily manage the convergence of digital platforms with your physical resources. Suddenly, the future looks a whole lot clearer. 



As you move forward over time, the renewed thoughtflow has become embedded into the hearts and minds of your people. Armed with practical tools and a clear strategic plan, your business is not only growing, but you are able to measure that growth on various digital and real-world levels. 


The Integrated BrandDNA™ process can clarify the business focus and create a cohesive social media strategy. It ensures that social media managers have a consistent blueprint from which to design graphics, select images, and write copy. 


This sector will benefit the most from the BrandDNA™ process as these businesses form the most dynamic part of the economy. Measurement of digital performance is vitally important as this sector grows.


In competitive environments, consultants often vie for attention. What’s going to put you at the forefront of the business world? We focus on a integral strategy combining a professional web presence, social media integration, blogs and maximum search engine visibility. 


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