The Integral BrandDNA™ Digital & Marketing Strategy workshop is a guided process, facilitated by one of our practitioners, at your premises. The process organically unfolds the story of your business in a real and purposeful way.

We explore the components of that story including the words, images, tone and target audience. These building blocks form the basis for the BrandDNA™ report which follows.


This Strategy Document flows from the key points identified and explored in the Integral BrandDNA™ Workshop. It details direction and strategy with action points and goals. The report acts as a vital roadmap for campaign planning, content & asset creation, goal setting, and measurement and reporting.



Your digital and physical marketing footprint is made up of an ecosystem of platforms, technologies and physical resources that should work together using a refined strategy which combines the story you tell together with the identified visual & verbal language and your tone or voice.

This ecosystem is anchored by your website that carries static and dynamic content of the products, services, offering, value adds, etc.

Around the core of the website we add implementation of the strategy across other platforms, printed material, social media, business tools (analytics, business listings, etc.) and potential pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.


Our teams of specialists are there to support your team as you move ahead with your renewed marketing plan. Based on the BrandDNA™ report, we offer a full implementation service including social media management, web development, PPC campaigns, copy writing, photography, and more. 

With various measurement tools in place, the effectiveness of your strategy can be monitored and adjusted for maximum impact over time, ensuring that you stay ahead of the curve. 

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