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The iBrandDNA process was developed over a period of 7 years by Stoan Bartel, CEO of Moonmoth Interactive, which was established in 1999.

With Bartel’s 20+ years of technology and entrepreneurial experience, combined with qualifications in two business and life coaching methodologies, the process grew organically, culminating in the refined and powerful process available today.

“The early workshops were designed to provide digital direction and strategic frameworks, but we soon realised that the process was so much more than that.”

Since inception, 2 teams of specialists were established: The first to assist clients in using the available tools themselves, and the second to provide an end-to-end integrated solution.

Today we are training additional iBrandDNA practitioners to facilitate the workshops, and expanding our support teams to better service our ever-growing network of clients.

Join us – and let’s propel your business forward.


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By Stoan Bartel

“The hardest part of delivering a new context is to get the business to shift their mindset into the new way of thinking and being. They may have embraced the newly discovered truths, but the old ways are very much a part of the business ‘being’ and not easily shed. This is where ‘doing’ instead of ‘thinking’ has the power to shift an organisation.”

“I often hear the excuse I’m a chef, I’m a furniture maker or I have a hotel to run. I don’t have the time to focus on this fuzzy stuff. I just want to cook food, make a table, see that the guests are cared for. That’s great, you can cook the best food in the world but if that doesn’t end up in the mouths of those you’re are trying to sell it to, you are equally stuck.”

Stoan Bartel

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